Stephanie & Ian | East 4th Cleveland Engagement

This blog post holds an extra special place close to my heart. Many years ago in a land far, far away… well in Elmira Ny where I grew up, I once was a little ballerina. Ballet was life. I ate, drank and breathed it as well as surrounded myself with others that shared the same love and passion as I did. Stephanie was one of those girls. She was a few years younger than me but she, just as I did, also loved ballet. We were buds. After I graduated highschool I left many of my dance friends for college and left many of my ballet friends behind, but we all had one common denominator that kept us glued: dance. Years later, Stephanie got in touch with me regarding her wedding and of course I was more than elated to be able to shoot her wedding day! She and her most adorable fiance, Ian ,made the drive to Cleveland for their engagemnet shoot! It was so sureal to see an adult Stephanie but with the same kid-like playfulness and still the same love for ballet! Some things never change and I am grateful for that. Ive said it before: you can take the girl out of dance, but you cant take the dance out of the girl – true story!

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