Ryan & Victoria | Corning, New York Engagement


I remember Victoria a little bit when she was a little girl.  She was a cute kid as I recall, but I had only seen her a couple times. Her younger brother was in my brothers class in elementary school, and its very possible that I saw her and her brother”bicker” a time or two. I couldn’t really remember what she looked like and so I wasn’t sure if I would recognize her or not. But when I got to the Spencer crest nature center I was in for a real treat! She’s beautiful! Like strinkingly beautiful. When I got home from the engagement session, I told my mom ” Wow, Victoria’s a really gorgeous girl!” and they all just nodded their head like I just spoke something they’ve already known for  a long time… ” She’s always has been” was my family’s general consensus. But not to put too much general emphasis n Victoria”s outward beauty… she is an equally beautiful person on the inside as well (if not more!). And of course, we think you are beautiful too Ryan…. but in a very manly way of course :)



Victoria & Ryan


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  • OrsolyaAugust 30, 2013

    Wow absolutely beautiful images! Every single image is perfect!ReplyCancel