Caitlin & Brett | Vermillion, Ohio Wedding Photographer

I think from now on I am going to title myself as Julina: Wedding Photographer/Meteorologist. I’ve been pretty much glue to my app for the last few months.  Caitlin and Brett’s wedding day was no exception I kept refreshing the weather page hoping that it would eventually tell me, that the rain would hold off until after picture time was over…. and it did! Not only did it hold off, but the perfect amount of clouds were in the sky to set off the most beutiful blue hue to Lake Erie. It looked almost Caribbean!

I knew Caitlin wedding would be very detailed oriented and clearly I was NOT disappointed! I LOVE LOVE LOVE details! And I think thats what has pulled me forward with my photography career is tuning in to the small things that equals a wedding day.

But enough about me! It appears as though this day has been a long time coming…. 10 years in fact! Caitlin and Brett met on a blind date in HIGH SCHOOL and have been lovebirds ever since. I loved that the areas we took pictures by in Vermillion represented so much of their history together! One stop was the Soda Fountain that Caitlin used to work at. I wondered if they new back  then, that they would be back to take their wedding pictures there too :)

But I have to say, not all locations were “special” to them. A couple of these photos were taken near  a garbage dumpster behind a ” Giant Eagle”. Bet You’ll never guess which ones ;) I think that was clearly the only time I’ve ever said ” we just made magic happen behind a Giant Eagle” Oh My….

These pictures may or may not have been taken behind a Giant Eagle while the bridal party went inside to grab a few refreshments… I’m not sayin a word….

How picture perfect is this soda fountain… vermillion has a ton of charm that I failed to notice!

The cake was from Fragapagne’s Bakery, the same bakery Brett’s parents had their wedding cake made!

I am in LOVE with their first dance song! “Better Together” by Jack Johnson! Loved it!!!

Congrats Brett and Caitlin! Good luck with your move to Texas. Thanks for stoppin by ya’all
Dress Boutique: A Brides Design
Dress Designer: Laura Smith
Bridesmaid Dress: Jenny Yoo
Reception/ Catere: Vermillion Boat Club
Hair Salon: Hair Etc
Makeup Artist: Shelly Theiling


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