Alyssa & Ben | Cleveland Art Museum Engagement Photographer

Its never easy to find new and interesting locations. Whenever I drive I’m constantly scoping out new and fun locations that would make for awesome photo shoots. However this time, we decided to visit a Cleveland classic! This area has so much beautiful architecture and landscaping that it’s really hard not to make each session look completely different than any other  session! This was our first time meeting Ben and Alyssa. They drove in from Toledo for the weekend and were headed on their way home right after this session! Sometimes the ” Hi, nice to meet you now-let-me-take-your-pictiure” can seem awkward however I’m pretty sure by the end of this session we were “BFF’s-4-LYFE” . In fact, if I was in 8th grade again, I’d be scribbling that stuff all over my spiraled “Lisa-Frank” notebooks (yea, you old-schoolers know what I’m talking about!). These two make “looking so in-love” seem very natural, and that because it is so very natural for them!

Oh how I love a man in uniform!!!!

Ben & Alyssa

June 28, 2013

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