Laura & Drew | Buffalo, NY Wedding Photographer

I’ve know her for awhile, but really not that long. She’s beautiful. Just stunning! And I love her.  But I wasn’t sure if she wanted the same thing I wanted.

It was November and we were sitting on the couch at her sisters house.

We were alone

My heart was thumping. My palms were sweating. We started to talk. Was she going to ask? What if I assumed she wanted what I wanted… but didn’t want it at all. I diverge subjects to something totally different. Her sister walks into the room. The subject is brought up again.

I got dizzy…. and then I heard the  the 6 most beautiful words ever heard by any wedding photographer

” Will you be my wedding Photographer?”


I literally shed a tear or two. I was so stoked and I literally dreamt about this day! I struck the wedding photographer JACK-POT!

Saturday was the most beautiful wintery december that I have ever experienced in Buffalo, NY. And I’ve spent many winters in Buffalo! It was A dream, MAGICAL, perfect! Not only did Jayson and I get to witness 2 of our favorite people make the most sacred commitment to each other… we got to capture it.

Laura’s parents were married in the same church so we were able to recreate one of their wedding pictures :)

It was Drew’s birthday & Drew’s dad’s birthday! Talk about a birthday celebration to remember!!!!

End of night shot with a little dusting of some beautiful Buffalo snow <3

Have Fun in Hawaii Laura & Drew!!!

Bakery: Ohlson’s Bakery

DJ: CJ Sound

Florist: Lipenoga Floist

Dress Shop: M.A. Carr

Reception/Caterer: Sean Patrick’s

Invitations: Calling Cards Unlimited

Hair: Salon in the Tower

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